Released: 2016
Genre: Rap
Quality: 128 Kbps | MP3

01.Hellboy [Prod. By Smokeasac & Yung Cortex]
02.Drive By (Feat. Xavier Wulf) [Prod. By Nedarb Nagrom]
03.OMFG [Prod. By Nedarb Nagrom]
04.The Song They Played (When I Crashed Into The Wall) (Feat. Lil Tracy) [Prod. By Smokeasac]
05.Fucked Up [Prod. By Horse Head]
06.Cobain (Feat. Lil Tracy) [Prod. By Smokeasac]
07.Gucci Mane [Prod. By Charlie Shuffler]
08.Interlude [Prod. By Brobak]
09.Worlds Away [Prod. By Horse Head]
10.Red Drop Shawty (Feat. Kirb la Goop) [Prod. By Charlie Shuffler]
11.Girls (Feat. Horse Head) [Prod. By Dirt Vans]
12.Nose Ring [Prod. By Cian P]
13.We Think Too Much [Prod. By Nedarb Nagrom]
14.The Last Thing I Wanna Do [Prod. By Smokeasac]
15.Walk Away As The Door Slams (Feat. Lil Tracy) [Prod. By Yung Cortex]
16.Move On, Be Strong [Prod. By Smokeasac, Lil Peep & Yung Cortex]


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